Exciting Times lie ahead for Petticoats~A~Plenty and I thought that I would maybe mark these times with some sort of competition. One of the things that I am getting involved in is attending a Wedding Fair in Chelmsford Essex on the 22nd July, that is being organised by fellow blogger Retrospective Bride, so I’ve had a long hard think as to how I could incorporate all of the networky things that I like doing and try and get as many people involved as I can, so here goes!


Follow 2 blogs, and click ‘going’ on the Facebook event page, this is so that we know that you are entered into the competition not that you are going to the Wedding Fair in Essex!

Links to follow are here:   

Page to enter your name: You need to place…

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  1. ginjointjen says:

    I am loving this! I’ve been gazing at these frocks on Facebook for ages, 😀

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